Studi E-learning platform is designed with a few guiding principles in mind.





The mostly used functions on Studi





Localized – use country specific syllabus. The core of all   teaching is local.

Ease-of use – there is always a balance between functionality vs features. We try to keep Studi as functional as possible and keep unnecessary features out.

Outcomes – we create the content and design the platform with knowledge that learning for life is important, but so is also passing the national exams.

Engaging – education must be fun and motivating.

Assessment – it is important both students and teacher can get immediate feedback on performance and results.

Gamification – we combine education with fun and competiveness through our built-in gaming functionality


















The animated videos, packed with facts, are tailored to your local syllabus. Each video is designed to be long enough to contain all the key content, while at the same time be short enough for you not to loose your attention and stay focused.


Every video is bundled with a number of challenging questions in order for you to test how well you have understood the content. We have sorted the questions into various levels of difficulty. You will also find larger exams, that will cover a larger portion of your syllabus.


When you feel you have understood a topic of your syllabus, challenge yourself through taking on an exam. We have created an adaptive algorithm that will generate quizzes and exams adapted to your level of knowledge.


Monitor your progress. What have you done and what is left to do, what are your strongest subjects and what do you need to focus on?


Find the homework your teacher has assigned to you. Watch the video lessons, take the quizzes and your progress can be monitored in real-time.


We have built-in functionality so that you can track your performance and achievements in real time.Do you have a competitive nature? Track your ranks and how many points you earned and challenge your classmates. Try to reach the top of the leaderboard.

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