Above everything else, we have a passion for improving education in developing countries. This is an enormous challenge with many stakeholders. No stakeholder can single-handedly solve the many challenges involving shortage of skilled teachers, inadequate school material or lack thereof, language barriers and large classes. However, a broad roll-out of E-learning in schools would mitigate these challenges substantially.


We believe that an E-learning platform, in order to dramatically improve educational results, must have:

- localized content adapted to local syllabus and language

- educational animations & challenging quizzes

- gamefication to add fun and competitiveness

- a structure that support students to pass their critical exams

- ability for teachers to assign homework and follow up on individual students' progress


Studi has all these features…and then some.

The main explanation for the rapid expansion of Studi Academy is our focused approach. Since the very beginning our ambition has been to develop an E-learning portal that will help students to achieve better educational results as well as help them pass the necessary exams.


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